History of Kerala

The divine green land of Kerala is the ideal place for you if you wish to find God in nature. Blessed with divine beaches, serene backwaters, lush coconut groves, colourful festivals, highly revered pilgrimages and enchanting wildlife – the state of Kerala has an interesting story to tell. The enticing story revolving the discovery of this enchanted land of mesmerizing natural beauty, a paradise on earth, urges tourists from far off places to come and explore the fantasy which carries forth the legacy of rich cultural heritage dating back to times bygone.

Origin of the land

People believe that Lord Parasurama, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, was the creator of this wonderland. Despite of being a Brahmin, he combated war against the egotistical Kshatriyas (the Royal Class which constituted of Kings, Nobles and Military Officers). Once he forcefully tossed his mighty battle-axe into the sea, by which a hemispherical shaped land

emerged and was called 'God's Own Country'.

Lord Parasurama gifted this new piece of land to sixty four Brahmin families who further divided it into mini republics. Later the Kshatriya princes of the Chola, Pandya and Chera dynasties were appointed as administrative and military heads. All these dynasties immensely contributed to develop Kerala's cultural unique heritage.

Formation of the state

As mentioned in Ashoka's edicts, dating back to 273-236 B.C., the word 'Kerala' seems to be originated from 'Keras', which literally means – the land of coconuts. After India's independence, the region had two princely states – Travancore and Cochin, which were later integrated into one state. Finally, the state of Kerala was formed in November 1956 and Malayalam was declared its official language.

The long coastline of the state offered a wonderful medium for the traders of various countries. This led to the evolution of a uniquely composed colourful culture.

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