About Kerala

The Magic Of Mother Nature!

Kerala - India's most tranquil state, gifted munificently by nature, is an enigmatic ecstasy of beaches; palm fringed backwaters, and murky hills, lush green forests and inimitable wildlife. It also boasts of a prosperous edifying legacy and ethnic performing arts. It is a tapered, charismatic piece of land in the south-west corner of India. It stretches 570 kilometres along the Malabar Coast having the high ranges of Western Ghats in the East, headed by the Arabian Sea in the west.

Legend goes that, one of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu called Parasurama was the creator of this wonderland, named - Kerala! Parasurama was a Brahmin (member of the highest or priestly Hindu cast)who frequently combated war against the egotistical Kshatriyas (the Royal Class which constituted of Kings, Nobles and Military Officers. They were the rulers and their dharma/ duty was to protect and govern cities across India.). However, in a state of penitence, he offered rigorous reparation on the peaks of Western Ghats. In the process of this, he forcefully tossed his mighty battle-axe into the sea. The sea retreated at the spot where the axe fell and a hemispherical shaped sliver of land emerged from its depth, thus getting the title of God’s Own Country.

Unique geographical features, salubrious climate, rich cultural heritage, exotic cuisine and a host of enchanting attractions make Kerala a perfect destination for both holidays and honeymoon. Each destination of this "God's Own Country" offer a different experience. The most famed cities of Kerala are Cochin, Munnar, Alleppey, Periyar, Kumarkom, Kovalam and Trivandrum. These cities are the treasure houses of breathtaking attractions.

Ayurveda, synonymous with Kerala is a traditional system of medicine developed around 600 BC. Rejuvenating to the hilt, the ayurvedic massages are truly magical in their effect. There are several ayurvedic resorts in the state where you can rejuvenate your body, mind and soul. The medicinal herbs used in the massages and treatments are derived from the forests of the state. UNICEF and WHO conferred the title of the 'World's first baby friendly state' on Kerala.

Dance and music is a fascinating part of the culture of Kerala. Kathakali, one of the most beautiful classical dance form of India originated in Kerala. Onam is the most celebrated festival in the state, which stretches for ten days and consists of several rituals. One of the main attraction of this festival is the Snake Boat Race.

Shop till you drop in Kerala! Its bazaars overflow with a variety of handicrafts such as idols of metal, jewellery, lamps, silk saris, flower vases, sandalwood items, wooden objects and Kathakali dolls.

Kerala is one of the most preferred destinations of the tourists in Asia. The National Geographic's Traveller Magazine stated that Kerala is supposed to be considered as 'one of the fifty places of a lifetime'. It truly beckons one and all to savour the tang of holidaying of a lifetime!!!!!

How To Reach Kerala

By Air: Kerala has both international and domestic airports. Thruvananthapuram (international) and Kochi and Kozhikode (domestic). They connect the state with several countries and cities of India.

By Rail: Kerala is well connected by rail to the main cities of India.

By Road: A good network of roads in Kerala make it easily accessible from its different cities and the neighbouring states.

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