Kalaripayattu Martial Arts

Today, Kerala presents a pinnacle point of various cultures amalgamating in refined concord. Its cultural lineage is evolving day by day with a progressive approach and outlook of the people. Kerala has a distinctive style of martial art called Kalaripayattu, based on the antique knowledge of human body. Kerala martial art is famous the world over.


It is supposed to be a crucial and susceptible sport. Its derivation is traced to Parasurama, the creator of Kerala, who was the pioneer of this art of self defense. The place where this martial art is practiced is called a 'Kalari'. It is a Malayalam word that signifies a kind of gymnasium. Kalari literally means 'threshing floor' or 'battlefield'.

Use of the Technique in Kerala Martial Art

Kerala Martial Art is supposed to be a form of physical culture armed or unarmed self defense and battle clubbed all in one. People from other parts of the country visit this land to seek lessons of this age old art of attack and defense. Not only men, but even women are increasingly taking interest in learning this art of safeguarding oneself from any alarming element. It is said to be the epitome of all martial arts.

This 3000 year old art form is considered as the father of modern Kung - Fu. It is indeed a matter of pride that this exclusive art of self resistance was exported to China and Japan by Buddhist monks which has become world famous and appreciated and applauded in different styles.

During the training of Kerala Martial Art, one is taught how to inculcate the powers and sinuous strengths of the majestic animals like lion, tiger, elephant, wild boar, snake and crocodile.

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