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Kerala Spiritual Treatment

Kerala Spiritual Treatment

Spiritual treatment symbolizes transferring cosmic energy to a person directly from the divine nature or from one person (healer) to another (patient). This kind of treatment is very effective in curing almost all kinds of psychological or physical disorders.

There are supernatural phenomenons, siddhis (supernatural powers) and mantras (chants) to cure the disease or the disorder. It has been universally accepted that supernatural power does exist in our universe and with several mediums we can use the positive Cosmic Energy as a tool for healing. In this kind of treatment, the healer is considered as the spiritual source of energy. During the course of transferring the cosmic energy, the healer also recites some mantras depending on the patient's condition. But anyone can not perform this act. Only the one who has attained Siddhis (supernatural powers) through Yoga and Meditation is capable of performing this kind of treatment. He knows how to absorb the positive energy from the environment and transfer it to other person's body. When this holy energy, divine mantras and peaceful atmosphere work together, they effect the patient's body and soul directly.

Spiritual treatment has nothing to do with black magic or negative powers. It doesn't even have any negative after-effects. In fact, it is a medium to purify one's soul. It is a medium to connect yourself with the God.



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