Kerala Ayurveda Tour

Kerala Ayurveda is a blissful attraction of South India. Ayurveda in Kerala is practiced like a religion. The oldest system of medicine in the world, Ayurveda, had evolved from the erstwhile period of the Vedas. Ayurveda, literally meaning 'the science of life', has originated from the Rig Vedic era (around 2000 BC). As revealed in the Ayurveda, the three most important body fluids- namely wind or vatta, phlegm or kapha and bile or pitta - should be evenly balanced to sustain a wholesome physique. A person gives in to poor health due to the sudden imbalance or absence of any of these three fluids. Fresh extracts of medicinal herbs, flowers, fruits, barks of trees, animal products and minerals are the chief constituents of Ayurvedic medicines. Go on a Kerala Ayurveda Tour for a rejuvenating experience.

Kerala contributes greatly in the field of Ayurveda with its rich bounty of green ecological assets. Various kinds of medicinal herbs and plants are found in the dense tropical forests of Kerala. Kerala has once again familiarized the idea of this science of life to the humanity with its proficient herbal therapies. Kerala Ayurveda Tour is a big hit with tourists who come to Kerala from across the world.

As the western countries are going gung-ho about the various concepts of ethno medicines, Kerala has also left no stones unturned to bring forth the goodness of Ayurveda. Presently several Ayurvedic treatment and rejuvenate therapy centers have come up all over Kerala. Foreign tourists make use of this treatment by getting themselves smeared with oil and plastered with different mud-packs and herbs, steamed and massaged to enhance their physical as well as mental status. The wide range of the herbal therapies has worked wonders in the field of medicinal treatments, with no side effects, over the period of time. In fact nowadays in India, people from other parts of the country are showing their keenness and belief on these various naturo-therapies of this land, thus imbibing and implementing them.

The assorted sources of herbal cures lucratively lure tourists to the mystic land of Kerala! Travel to this wonderland and experience the charm and bliss of Kerala Ayurvda on Kerala Ayurveda Tour. Surely you will remember the experience for the rest of your life.

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